Our Raleigh Wedding

Ben and I got married this past April in Garner (right outside of Raleigh) at The Rand-Bryan House.  We are both from Texas, and even met in Waco, but wanted to get married in Raleigh since we are starting our lives together here. Once I started planning the wedding and saw how quickly everything adds up, I definitely seriously considered eloping, haha. Everyone has a different vision for their wedding day, but I'm glad we decided to do a wedding ceremony and reception in the town we live in and invite our community and families. The people made it what it was, and I'm so thankful for everyone who traveled from afar to celebrate us, and the team of people who helped pull it off. 

Photographer: Rebekah Senter.                                                                            

Videographer: Elijah of Morgan Scott Films 

Flowers: Specialties Events                

Food: City BBQ.  

Desserts: Gluten-free cupcakes and cake by JP’s Pastry’s.                                                        

Makeup: My talented friend Kristin Dixon!                                                                                

Rentals: Greenhouse Picker Sisters!               

Handlettering: Courtney of Filled and Flooded

That morning it was pouring! I was a little bummed to see it was raining, but also just so excited that I was able to let it go. Once at the venue, I danced out some pre-ceremony jitters and slipped on my dress. It felt surreal! The time before the ceremony dragged on while simultaneously passing at high speed.  While the girls and I took photos outside (it stopped raining!) Ben got ready at his best friend's (also his best man and our officiant) house. 

We had originally planned on an outdoor ceremony and reception with market lights, but with the rain, we had to move everything inside. I wasn't sure how it was going to go since I had not imagined we would actually need our rain plan (goodness knows I was so grateful my mom was practical enough to make sure we had one) but the ceremony was so sweet with everyone packed into a little room. During the ceremony, our talented musician friends led us in the hymn "Nothing But The Blood" and the room filled with everyone's voices echoing off the walls. It was so sweet.

Also, as you'll see below, at one point I gave Ben a hug and my hair got stuck to his microphone on his lapel. After a minute and a half of everyone laughing, we got it untangled. 

We took portraits in the evergreen trees, and then moved to a field behind the venue where it started sprinkling. We ran inside before it started pouring!

A few reception details. My dad is AMAZING and built our sweetheart table. He and my grandfather also built two cornholes (yard games for plan A: outdoor reception). I loved them at the front door entrance.

One funny thing--we somehow ended up with the wrong chairs! We ordered wood, while fold-out chairs for our guests, but they brought us kind of industrial looking fold out chairs instead. It was a slight bummer, but I moved on and reminded myself that they are just chairs!!! But just wanted to include our little mishap (that wasn't that big of a deal) to remind brides, or anyone, that it's okay if things aren't perfect. I've shot enough weddings to know something always goes wrong, and that we remember the laughter, people and sweet moments way more than chairs, perfect timing or weather. And sometimes the mishaps are what make the memories!

Our planner and our family and friends were so helpful in flipping the ceremony space into a reception space during cocktail hour. Since we were using the rain plan, we had squeezed about 120 people into a space probably designed for 100. But it worked! Our first dance space was pretty tight, but Ben still managed to spin me around about 70 times to Coldplay's "Something Just Like This."

During dancing we went outside so our videographer & photographer could get some video footage of us outside. Our videographer had the idea to backlight us & set off a smoke bomb while we danced in the rain.

Alyssa & Thomas | At Home | Waco, Texas

Raleigh wedding photographer north carolina weddings

Through my six years of living in Waco, and going to Baylor and being involved in my church college ministry I came to know and love these two. Alyssa is a kind quirky, soul, and one of the best models of being yourself and embracing people where they're at. Thomas is deep, kind and caring--and he's super creative & a musician! They love Jesus and I think they've embraced being married young adults in a cool way; their life is full of deep relationships, and serving and loving people. 

Thomas and Alyssa moved into this historic Waco apartment after they got married and lived here for about two years! At the time these photos were taken, they had just purchased a house, so our shoot marked the end of a season. I had so much fun getting to hang out with & photograph Thomas and Alyssa in their apartment, and love capturing families and couples inside their homes! Everything from the current nick-knacks on a nightstand to couch throw pillows is so personal and nostalgic. And, year one, two, six, or ten of marriage is so worthy of being celebrated and remembered!

Meredith & Cameron | Big Bend State Park | Texas

Lindsey Cash Wedding photographer Big Bend Wedding Raleigh Wedding.jpg

It was a dream to shoot Meredith and Cameron's wedding in Big Bend! The day was sweet and intimate as their friends and family got to experience the place where Meredith and Cam took their first trip together (camping at the park!). Multiple people remarked on how the adventurous weekend felt just like them, and I couldn't agree more. Special, special thanks to Jared Tseng for second shooting with me! 

Meredith & Cameron | Cameron Park | Waco, Texas


Had so much fun hanging out with Meredith & Cameron in Waco for their engagement photos and can't wait to shoot their wedding in Big Bend! When I asked them what most excited them about the wedding Cameron looked at Meredith and told me, "honestly, just to be married already."