Melissa + Brad, Proposal

Raleigh Wedding Photographer Lindsey Cash

It is so much fun to capture + watch proposals! Brad surprised Melissa by coordinating her closest friends being flown into town. After spending the day with her, they dropped her off at a beautiful field where Brad was waiting with a ring and flowers. 

Venue: The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve

Alyssa & Thomas | At Home | Waco, Texas

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Through my six years of living in Waco, and going to Baylor and being involved in my church college ministry I came to know and love these two. Alyssa is a kind quirky, soul, and one of the best models of being yourself and embracing people where they're at. Thomas is deep, kind and caring--and he's super creative & a musician! They love Jesus and I think they've embraced being married young adults in a cool way; their life is full of deep relationships, and serving and loving people. 

Thomas and Alyssa moved into this historic Waco apartment after they got married and lived here for about two years! At the time these photos were taken, they had just purchased a house, so our shoot marked the end of a season. I had so much fun getting to hang out with & photograph Thomas and Alyssa in their apartment, and love capturing families and couples inside their homes! Everything from the current nick-knacks on a nightstand to couch throw pillows is so personal and nostalgic. And, year one, two, six, or ten of marriage is so worthy of being celebrated and remembered!

Meredith & Cameron | Cameron Park | Waco, Texas


Had so much fun hanging out with Meredith & Cameron in Waco for their engagement photos and can't wait to shoot their wedding in Big Bend! When I asked them what most excited them about the wedding Cameron looked at Meredith and told me, "honestly, just to be married already."  

Josh & Ashley

I met Josh just last year and got to know him better after assisting him with a wedding in the farmlands of Central Texas. He's doing awesome things with photography (check out his work at and Ashley, his wife has jumped on board with him! I really admire these two. This shoot was a good experience for all of us. I think photographers agree it's good to get in front of the camera for a change and remember what it feels like to be shot (it can be shockingly uncomfortable!), and it was fun for me to collaborate with their vision for photos that represent their personality & brand.