Germany, cold and wet, summer 2010

cold today
like 30 degrees, and gray skies.  kind of burned your skin when it hit you.  I usually don't really like it. When i walk out into it I get this weird feeling that at any given moment i could pass out.  Low pain tolerance? yes, you could say that.   When it makes me especially mad i daydream about the warmth you feel in the summer months here.  You know when you leave a restaurant and walk into the parking lot, the humidity wraps around you like a (wet?) fleece blanket and you're all overcome with the smells of warm cement and the sun makes you all sneezy and squinty... ah...you get into the car (if your lucky some other poor sucker is chauffeuring you) you're belly all full;  immediately putting the AC on high. 

So that feeling is tucked away and I can barely feel it.  It's such a classic feeling though, how could you ever forget it?  When it's summer i can hardly remember what it feels like to walk outside and be hit with something that makes me tighten up.  The heat makes you feel lethargic, warm and soft (i'm sorry you know you agree).  The cold makes you feel either alert or weak.  Tight for sure.  It's kind of exhilarating.  Not so much in a good or bad way, but when it hits your skin its like ice water.  Like all i can think about is how i can walk quicker to get to my destination. If you need to clear your head just go outside and stand in the wind.  
It's the spearmint mouthwash of the body....

Ramble ramble....
Anyways i'll really miss the stupid cold and regret cursing it when it's summer and 
my legs are sticking to leather seats and stuff
I really must say i am so thankful we have seasons.  
Literally, as in weather patterns.  But also,  Figuratively, as in the cycles of the state of our moods and patterns in our relationships and lives.  
Some things in life just need time to heal