spring, revisisted

March 2009

March 2010

Similarly these photos both were taken in Paige's front yard, by the same tree.                                      
The first is just a weird memory, and the fashion-y one is me just wanting to create a visual, I guess.
I've been thinking lately how I hardly take pictures anymore.  Digital is hard for me...I really just don't love the quality of it.  But today i took pictures of my friend Katy.  I needed someone more enthusiastic than I to help me get back into it.  I'll post them later.
These two pictures will always be pretty to me though.  Dang it Minolta!  You are too beautiful!

roll: october things

Fujifilm Superia Reala 100 ISO film.  Eh, probs the last time i shoot at such a low ISO. I really cannot handle that sort of responsibility...I am just too shaky/impatient.  So freakin' vivid though! dang.

Charlotte: 3 cupcakes, a hotdog, kit-kat bar, 2 cookies, 2 pixie sticks later...