Will & Carissa

Waco, TX

I'll start with a disclaimer.  These two are not engaged! 

Thats right, contrary to the appearance of these photos, these aren't engagement shots.  Because I've never shot a couple before, I volunteered my friends Will and Carissa to help me test the waters and they kindly obliged.  

Next year, Carissa is headed to the Philippines to serve with IJM.  Will isn't sure of his plans yet, but they will be spending the year doing long distance, so it's nice for them to have some pictures to remember bein' together.  

Anyway's, take these photos with a grain of salt.  We realized there is no line between engagement photos and high quality photos of couples in their 20's. So, some of the photos look like Save the Date's  :) 

But, a nice photo is a nice photo, so I wanted to share....