New beginnings

Waco, TX

Kat and Lynette are both moving.  

Lynette is moving to Seattle to do the Discipleship training school at Antioch in Seattle. 

Kat is moving to Dallas to attend Baylor nursing school.  

I love watching these two be brave.  It is difficult to leave a familiar life behind, especially when it seems to be moving on without you.  

I want my next transition to be easy, but in the past change has been shockingly difficult for me to swallow.  

However, if nothing changes we would just settle into what we have now.  It is like sitting in a bathtub for way too long.  Yes, it was awesome and warm when you first got in, but now it is just lukewarm.  Furthermore, there is a fireplace in the living room waiting for you.   Yes, you will have to endure the coldness and the hassle of moving and changing, but duh, it is so worth it.  

I remember despising the transition to Baylor.   The City of Waco scenery was harsh on my eyes and the hot, concrete I-35 (surrounded by fast food signs) was a drastic change from the forest-y roads I grew up near.  

I felt weird being a student.  Living amongst people my age all day was strange.  Suddenly I was sharing meals, rooms and classrooms with people my age, all day.  It felt like camp but it was all the time.  I had the weirdest yearning to be around a bunch of babies, or chat with an old person.  

Living in a dorm room was funny too, because you could see every aspect of your life sprawled out in front of you.  Your toothbrush, your cereal boxes, and your clothes are in plain view staring at you.

Looking back, I laugh about how much I dis-liked Waco.  I remember the way I felt so clearly.  That feeling went away with time.  

I began to have deep friendships.  Foreign places became familiar as I created memories in them. I had my own routine.  

The City of Waco and I had developed a unique relationship .

Ah, what if I just would have given up and left? What if I had really believed the way I felt about everything was just going to last forever, or get worse? 

Relationships with new cities and new seasons take work and time just like our relationships with people.  

I am excited for Kat and Lynette as they move on.  God has more in store for us than we can ask or imagine (crazy).   I am learning I have to get past those initial weird emotions, and embrace them.  God is using everything to show us His love and glory.

I think he also likes for us to be able to look back and laugh at ourselves, and rejoice in how far He has brought us.  From glory to glory! 

He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it."
-1 Thessalonians 5:24