Lessons learned from my mom

Houston, TX

As she loves me through my mess, my unjustified irritability, and my selfishness, my mom has shown me that love is patient, long suffering and keeps no record of wrongs.  

By watching her example I understand I do not have to build my life on my passing crazy thoughts and fickle emotions. 

My mom has taught me how to rest.  I do not have to freak out, strive or perform, because I am not defined by the things I do.  I am defined by who God says I am.  

When I am with my mom, the seemingly insignificant pieces of life become wonderful.    We can talk about the most ordinary things while doing the most mundane things and completely enjoy ourselves.  I realize happiness grows from being thankful for the tiniest parts of life.  

She has shown me how to love people by listening closely and remembering the details. 

God delights in us and promises to fight for us.   My mom has demonstrated that to me.   She rejoices when I win and she fights with me to overcome all my biggest battles.