ending 2013

Elm Street
Waco, Tx

I really do love these people.  I am so lucky to have so many friends who feel like family.  It is cool how a city, like Waco, can feel like your home within two years.  I remember I hated it to much when I first moved.  The word “despise” sounds so dramatic and hateful now, but I so clearly remember despising Waco.  I did not like the fact that highway 35, a concrete eyesore, ran through the whole city.  The lack of trees and the open sky made me feel strangely oppressed and hopeless.  I kind of felt I had nowhere to go.  But, I have learned the lesson that everyone learns repeatedly throughout their life… that God always provides for where He guides us.  I truly feel like Waco is home.  
It is going to be interesting, difficult and beautiful to re-learn this lesson a bunch of times throughout my life.