Nance and Kat

Waco, TX

Lately I am learning I am not super adventurous.  Yeah, I love the outdoors  This has always led me to believe I'm some wilderness trekker.  But on my own I am just really not compelled to go all Lewis and Clark.  So I mean really find hidden treasures.  Not just the new taco truck.    Luckily I have been given me some friends to get me out of my lame-o patterns of going to the same 5 places (even if they are outside).  Nancy (pictured below) is the queen of adventure and Kat (pictured above) is always up to try new things.

 Kat Golightly
What an amazing soul!  Her name is Kathleen, not Katherine, people.  She is loyal, gentle and kind.  When I am with Kat I feel a calmness.  But yep, watch out, because she's also a little whippersnapper. Whatever that means.  I feel like I am always hearing rando stories out of this girl that crack me up.   Kat's also been around town...she's quite a trekker of the States.  Check out her pics and BEAUT watercolors on her blog.  

Nancy Magana
She is the coolest.  Easy going, laid back and will laugh instantly at all your jokes with the most hefty laugh you've ever heard.  Trust me, I am not as funny as Nancy makes me feel.  She makes people feel valued for exactly who they are.  Not to mention she is a workin' machine.  Seriously, she wouldn't let you know it because she is always as relaxed as a cat on a Sunday afternoon, but this girl is so loyal to her big commitments.   Also, she has a voice that sounds like hot chocolate pouring into a mug. butter. 
Her blog documents explorations into the depths of Waco, TX