christmas 2012

These pictures have been sitting and aging like cheese on my computer.  
I truly wish I was better at just posting things! The world is just too full of distractions for a person like me.  
It's like a bunch of land mines we have to dodge.  Participating in a school, eating foods, occasionally going for a jog, knowing people. Sometimes you just gotta keep your eye on the prize---getting that thing done...whatever it might be...that you keep talking about doing.  

And this is the fam. Here we are in North Carolina.   :)

My mom and her younger sister with the beloved dog...Perry.  Perry...yes, that is his name. Don't wear it out.
My mom and I.
The Allusive Christopher.  I seriously had to run after him to take his picture.  The boy was not gonna put up with no big-cheese photo shoot session.  He knew what was up my sleeve the second he saw me whip out the camera.  Over-Contrast-Black-and-White-candid- laughing picture? Yeah not happening Linds...sorry.


Little Office Manager Josie is very concerned about the well being of her employees.  She's know...Making sure things are well taped.

Grandmother and Grandfather's Humble abode! Lovely little place.  It's like steppin' into a   

Just a playin' With a stick.  THOSE were the days.  

 Office Managers using teamwork