dani is nineteen

happy birthday dani!

Dani is many good things, in addition to being a great friend.
Best demonstrated through photos.

1.  A thinker.  The little wheels are just turning in her brain. look at her... she's probably crafting some new musing on the strange world around us.  

2.  She's curious! Like a cat.   If you see her cause a ruckus, she was only trying to explore.  

 3. She's Royalty.  Yes, ladies and gentleman.  We have a royal Heiress walking before us.  Danielle Parker is stemmed from a great legacy of golden blood! She isn't allowed to tell you any specific names of her ancestors, but just listen to her speak.  Her accent is pure Britain Velvet!

4.  She's a helper! I mean, the proof is in the pudding, people.  The sign was getting a little heavy, so naturally Dani lended the man a hand.

5. She's the essence of cool.

6.  She's quite relaxed.   A perfect candidate to share a nice cup of tea with.  Dani will bring the crumpets of course! 

more illustrations of the character of Dani....

We love you Dani!