being available

I hadn't used my camera in a while because i was frustrated with using it.  It didn't fulfill in the same ways it once had.  I was aimlessly taking pictures and then deleting them, only really pulling it out if someone needed it.  
But i have felt an urge lately to have it with me, to be available to situations that might come my way and are worthy of being captured.  
I am used to making contrived moments out of thin air, not that it is a bad thing.  I just haven't cared to really stage photos lately.  

So instead of continuing to leave my camera under my bed collecting cobwebs, i am going to just try to be more prepared for open opportunities that come my way.  
As lame as it sounds, i just want to capture the really cool story that is already there.  
And they are always there (these stories), it is just a matter of seeing them and doing my end of the job.