La Grange with Dancy

I was instructed by Paige to type up a few sentences for this post.  I feel like a fourth grader: "but...but... i don't want to write a journal entry about four things i am thankful for and what i ate on thanksgiving day!".  Too bad.  You have a blog. You have to type a few sentences for your 3 viewers.  Anyways...what do you people want to read? 
I'll answer some pretend questions....
Who is this?
Paige and I's friend Dancy who lives in La Grange. 
Description of Dancy:  One of those gifted people who tells stories with confidence.  Has a colossal grin that is revealed while she tells these stories or has you listen to a song that she just discovered.  She drives an old jeep wrangler that sort of feels like what i am assuming a wagon on the Oregon Trail would feel like.  It's nice.  Riding in it puts you in a nice daze.  The turbulence of the Wrangler, mixed with a playlist from Dancy's ipod playing in the background is a lovely experience.  
I could elaborate more on riding with Dancy in her wrangler...but i'll cut to the chase here.  
These are her senior pictures. 
We went everywhere around her town to take these...

i' should probably look over this again tomorrow. for now i'm just posting it.  my back hurts. i don't think i could ever be an "official" portrait photographer.  you gotta be willing to clock sum hours on the computer... i like taking the actual pictures (when the lighting is supreme and i have my serf friend paige holding a reflector) i like editing (my favorite 3 photos) and then...i like posting them & passing them on.  
anyways.  i feel crazy.  cannot wait to shut macbook and shove it underneath my bed.    "game over" as my friend victoria over is right.  
oh yes and Dancy here lives in a bed and breakfast...i'll show them pictures later.

our adventure begins........

B&W version:

to be continued....
i have more to add later.  :)